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Made in Japan English Version

Black in concerto As occidental people we often think about Japanese as people with rigid principles, willing in work and extremely professional. We also think about their deep spirituality, their great sense of the honour and their attachment to the cultural roots.
Thinking about the Japanese people in this way is reductive. Our Japanese vocabulary is restricted to the words “banzai”, “sayonara” and “arigatò”; this proves that the image we have about Japanese people derives from a particular kind of cinema. It happens the same with us Italian, when abroad other people identify us with the words “pizza”, “spaghetti”, “mandolino” and, unfortunately, “mafia”. We are speaking about people who won our hearts in fields where imagination is the most important thing: animations (anime), comic-strip (manga), video games and refined cooking. Every contact with their culture is always surprising.
Il gruppo Their proverbial kindness (not only during the ceremonies, we are referring to their deep sense of hospitality) is for us embarrassing. We have hard interpersonal relations and we look at the others with suspicion. 
During the first “18th Camellias Exhibition” week-end in the Compitese area we had sunshine and camellias coloured the landscape. We think that the subjects of the Emperor Akihito appreciated it and their precious presence was really welcome (the public always appreciates their participation).
We remember pleasantly one of the most well-known members of the Nipponese delegation. He is passionately fond of photographs and he chased us to see our video and photographic equipment models and marks, then he went back smiling and triumphant: all our equipment is rigorously “made in Japan”!
According to the tradition, women were more reserved and ready to dispense the kind manners and the smiles you expect from them. They enjoyed themselves inviting the public to imitate the ritual gestures of the tea ceremony, but they always expressed their feelings moderately: the unfortunate volunteers imitated them clumsy with unlikely gestures.
However the most surprising meeting for us was just another. After a short interview, the group’s chief Tanimoto Kotaro, vice-president of the ”Japan Tea Exporters’ Association” of Shizuoka, gave us his visiting card. We were struck by its close resemblance with a “yu-gi-oh” play card; we immediately told him about our impression and made everybody laugh. The other members of the delegation laughed because the character on the visiting card, a kind of Power Ranger dressed in black and brandishing a guitar-bass, was Mr Tanimoto self!
Tanimoto (Black) versione disegno.The goatee was the only sign of the man’s identity: he was also member of a Japanese music group! Mr Tanimoto give us proud another visiting card reproducing an official photo about the band he plays with. It’s fantastic: Mr Tanimoto, a so professional man, after working takes off his everyday clothes and disguises himself as hero provided with electric bass to play in public and even in television. How many Italians or European would make it?
Back to our office we wanted to see the Internet address http://sumpranger.web.infoseek.co.jp. We recommend you to visit it. Mr Tanimoto is the black dressed man called “Black”. The group play rock music that sometimes remembers us the music of some well-known Japanese animations. We visited the web site at random (the Japanese alphabet is for us incomprehensible) and we found a live song we like so much. You can distinguish the Mr Tanimoto’s bass sound; he plays very well. You can listen this song here: http://sumpranger.web.infoseek.co.jp/ima_down/sazae.mp3.
 Japanese people are fantastic and different from the stereotypes we think about them. They work and then play and they do it in an orderly manner.
Here in our land we don’t understand when work ends and play begins, too often we work and play at the same time and we all can see the results.
We are waiting for the next visit of the Japanese delegation to the “19th Camellias Exhibition” in 2008 and we hope that Mr Tanimoto will delight us with his bass between a “Camellia Sinensis” and a cup of green tea…For the moment, if you speak English you can read a very interesting article about tea and its marketing: Mr Tanimoto wrote it and we found it in a blog. The web site is: http//www.o-cha.net/english/teacha/detail_e.asp?id=74



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